Tuesday, 5 May 2009


This is a bit of a picture I have just finished for the Cheltenham Illustration Awards . I have been using lots of photographed textures in my work. I quite like this, but am going to try and be a bit more free in my next one. I am now taking a run at another competition from Waterstones to illustrate a text from Julia Donaldson -she of the Gruffalo and other such lovely things. I will therefore, mostly be drawing fairys, before returning for a final spell with some pink capybaras.


straight from the den said...

jolly nice pants jenny

RONG said...

aha~a suit of underwear, lovely~

Paul Shinn said...

I love the colours on this Jenny. They work really well against the paper background. Although this image does bring back distressing memories of when I was about 3 and we got taken to a farm with my nursery, and a goat started to eat my t-shirt!!!!