Friday, 20 August 2010

The Laughing Problem by Jo Rivard

William of Orange and his faithful citizens.

In trouble again...

A boy named Hogg..

I did a small set of drawings recently for a talented new writer called Jo Rivard, who has written a very funny series of books about a brother and sister called Max and Millie. In 'The Laughing Problem' Max and his best friend Colin have problems keeping a straight face in class when their wild imaginations run away with them... We've all been there. They get into all sorts of trouble with teachers and Mums, and worst of all, girls. It was lots of fun to illustrate - good luck with the book Jo!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Little Book of Alliterations is here!

A Little Book of Alliterations has arrived! I have received my proof copies and am very excited! These are my very bad photographs of it. It's amazing to finally see them in print. They are sweet and small - pocket size, with a lovely matte hardback cover. All in all, a very satisfying little object. Perfect for a little stocking filler or birthday present!!!

It is available to pre-order on Amazon, and is due out in September. You can order a copy by clicking here.