Thursday, 29 October 2009

Visual Minutes for the NHS and the Eden Project

These are Visual Minutes from a conference I worked at with Creative Connection, for the NHS (bit of a mouthful) sickle cell anaemia and thalassaemia screening programme. They were looking at improving the process of diagnosis for patients, and I was one of three artists along with my friend Claire, and the very talented Chris 'visual minuting' - we work as a team to create one piece. This whole piece was about 10m long! It was a fascinating day, some really dedicated people. I learnt lots, both about sickle cell, and brushing up my visual minuting skills. The 'baby bit' is mostly where I was working!

About a week before this I went down to Cornwall to the Eden project to do visual minutes for the Eden Forum, which was looking at tackling climate change in the South West. There were some mind bogglingly big brains discussing some pretty terrifying issues, I felt like a very little fly on the wall. But a very lucky little fly.

The Eden project is really rather wonderful thing.