Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Catch Up..

This is the stall at the Thames Festival that I had some work on as part of the 'Playroom' collective - a group of graduates and students from Camberwell College Illustration MA. And above, skateboarding pandas. A possible image for a book project in progress with some of the Playroomers.

Zoo Sketches

Wickedest Witch & Wizard Colouring Competition

A couple of drawings for a colouring competition running as part of the Big Draw at my library during October. Design an outrageous outfit for the modern witch or wizard. There are prizes! But mostly if you are at Primary School.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Masai Mara - too excited to do much drawing!

More from safari

Safari Capon goes Sketching

Just Married!

I'm back!

I've been a bit absent for the last couple of months as I've been rather busy having a lot of fun getting married and running away to Africa for some lovely honeymooning. But now I have shaken the confetti out of my hair, got the elephant poo out of my flip flops, and finally managed to use the words 'my husband' without looking like I'm going to choke on something, I'm back.

So, here are a few pages from the sketchbooks I took to Kenya. There was only a certain amount that I managed to do as I was quivering with excitement over all the animals, and trying to suppress repeated enactments of what I believe to be an extremely accurate impression of a wildebeest. Had to be reminded on several occasions that contrary to my own assessment of the situation, I was not, actually, Dr. Doolittle, and no, just going for a little cuddle with the lions was not such a great plan. This aside, Kenya was a wonderful country, beautiful, welcoming and wild, and I would go back like a shot for another dose of loveliness. Especially if I could just go and have a LITTLE chat with the giraffes. They'd understand, I know they would.