Monday, 27 April 2009

Beastie goes flying

Here is a page from the picture book 'The Beast of the Thames' that I have been working away on... When I first started doing this I had totally underestimated how difficult it is to make a children's book. I didn't think it would be a picnic, but, blimey! So far I've made stuff that's been too scary, too complicated, too childreny, not childreny enough, with weird colours, with very weird colours indeed, and with spectacularly inconsistant characters.... However. Having found a very lovely creature called a capybara in Bristol Zoo, and drawn it, alot, and quietly battling away with photoshop, I am starting to feel like I'm making some progress... HOORAY! Still got a way to go, but might have an idea of which way I am heading. Which is definately a start.

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straight from the den said...

jenny this is lovely. beautiful colours and the texture of the beastie really brings him off the page. no pink pen but it really works! can't wait to see more xxx