Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Battle of Nancy

I was casting about for something for a warm up drawing this morning and thought I would look at past January 5th events. Wikepedia kindly informed me that the Dreyfus Affair unravelled; Erin - the largest dwarf planet in the solar system - was discovered; God help us the Daily Mail became the first transoceanic newspaper, and the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay began.

Besides all this and much more, Charles the Bold was killed in the Battle of Nancy on this day in 1477, and Burgundy became part of France. Having eschewed drawing bridges, dwarfs, army officers, and battles, I then quite irrelevantly drew a picture of Charles the Bold as a young lad in tights, with his dad, the very dapper Philip the Good, also in tights, and a very fetching hat.

(It's from a painting by Rogier van der Weiden, 1447-8. )


straight from the den said...

this makes me happy. you should send it to DR T.T.

the red herring said...

Lovely!(especially the pointy shoes)

Jenny Capon said...

I did think of you two for some reason.. x

straight from the den said...

i am happy to be your muse jenny but i think the red herring looks a bit grumpy in this one.